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Lost and Found

“The diamond on my ring! It’s gone!”  My wife uttered those words in dismay on the final day of our family vacation several years ago. The prongs of her wedding ring had snagged on her clothes, and when she looked down, the jewel was no longer in its place. Making the problem particularly complicated, we…

3 Prayers for When You’re Worried About Money

Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve spoken to many people who are worried about money. High inflation means that everything costs more, and most people aren’t making any more money than they were a year ago. Most people’s investments have lost ground this year, meaning that even people who felt financially secure are…

What’s on Jesus’ Keychain?

I carry a lot of keys around: house keys, car keys, church keys. If somebody sees my bulky keychain, they might assume that I’m an important person. That conclusion is questionable, at best, but it is true that we tend to associate keys with authority. If you give the car keys to your teenager, you…

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